Crypto whales api for free

Use our data to develop your application, do some research or just for fun.

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One limit, for everybody

10 calls / minute

We offer an access to our data, preserve our servers please.

  • API Key required, see bellow.
  • 24 blockchains supported.
  • Access to millions of transactions.
  • 89 ms average response time.
  • ClankApp is not a wallet manager.
  • Not for commercial use (contact us).
  • You cannot make a transaction by our api's.

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In order to have access to our api's you need to sign up to our system by using your email address. This email address will be used for informational purposes only. You receive the latest news about our API.

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Frequently asked questions

Can we use your service for make a wallet?
No you can't create a crypto wallet on our platform. If you need something like this, you can use Blockchair (our friends).
Can we trade on ClankApp?
ClankApp services are not directly affiliated to trading services and it's not an exchanges platform.
How many blockchains ClankApp support?
ClankApp support 22 blockchains for the moment. Keep an eye on this number :p.
Why do you need an email?
We ask a email for your api key access in order to share some api new feature or keep you informed if our services are down. Your email and your personnal data will never be used for commercial purposes.
What are the conditions of use?
If you use our api on your application, please mention ClankApp and add a link to our website.
How do you make money?
We didn't make money with our api, but if you want to help us, you can donate here:
* A whale is a transaction worth more than is worth more than a certain value relative to the volume of the asset.
ClankApp services are free and never use your data for buisness purposes.
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