Whales, everywhere.

Explore in real time the largest blockchains transactions directly on your phone.

This application and all services of Clank are free and never use your data for commercial purposes.



Stay alert !

Be alerted in real time with our alert system using push notifications !

Choose between two alert modes:

  • - Automatic : Let our algorithms do the work for you, they will choose the best transactions that deserve attention.
  • - Manual : Set the alert threshold yourself and only receive alerts that exceed the desired USD value.

We are improving our algorithms every day to provide you with the best quality of service for alerts.


Let's explore across 406,582 last year biggest transactions !

Our largest transactions explorer in some numbers:

  • - Blockchains supported : 20, and and we will greatly increase this.
  • - Coins supported : 113, including the top 100 ERC20 tokens.
  • - Analyzed exchanges : 125, including the most popular like bittrex, binance or huobi.

In the future, we would like to support more and more popular blockchains !

If you doesn't want to use our mobile app, you can use our online web explorer here.

Big Whales !

Long live to the whales !

Get the top 100 of the biggest blockchains transactions of all time directly on your phone.

We will add support for this feature to more coins in the future !

Again, If you doesn't want to use our mobile app, you can find the top 100 here.