Bitcoin (BTC) Whales Tracking, the most interesting thing that you can do easily with ClankApp.

2020-09-08 19:29:44

Guillaume Souillard

ClankApp is a service for tracking crypto-whales on 20+ blockchains in real time. We strongly believe in the adoption of blockchain and we believe that transparency is essential for this purpose. Last year, with have analysed about 400,000 new transaction with a value greater than $1,000,000 (255,000 transactions just for Bitcoin (BTC)).

What is a crypto whale ?

In the cryptosphere, a whale is an entity that controls enough of Bitcoin (BTC) or an other asset to be able to impact the global price of this asset. On ClankApp, we only index transactions with a value greater than $1,000,000 dollars in order to catch the principal whales in our system.

Let's take this transaction for the example :

Transaction detail - 886,945,000 USD move from unknow wallet to unknow wallet

As you can see, someone just move 48,500 Bitcoin (BTC) which represents $ 886,945,000 (in december 2017), from 1NGXFZL4NrQZUW83JibY2K2KvamGGTu62j address to 1Jh8THzSSQBZKYg8in5f6Sowsp3gxjjcpC address.

These two addresses have not been identified as belonging to an exchange and they can potentially influence the BTC price.

On a blockchain like Bitcoin, the impact may be insignificant, but on a smaller blockchain like Decred (DCR), it can have an impact.

Biggests Bitcoin transactions

The largest transactions come, in most of the time, from exchanges like Bitfinex or Coinbase and they come from what we call, cold-wallets.

If we take this transaction:

Transaction detail - 1,209,530,000 USD move from bittrex to bittrex

We can see that this is an bittrex internal transaction for their cold wallet with a value of 1.2 billions dollars. This kind of transaction will not impact the Bitcoin price.

You can observe the top 100 of the biggests bitcoin transactions here.

Stay alerted to whale movements

ClankApp allows you to subscribe to push notifications in order to receive real time alert about the Bitcoin (BTC) whales, and your favorites assets without an account or mail address. Push notification call to action

You can then configure your different alert thresholds and choose between a Manual mode and an Automatic mode directly on this page.

  • Automatic : With this mode, you will receive alert about whale which are automatically considered as important by our algorithms.
  • Manual : In manual, you will receive alert with a USD value greater than your threshold configured in the "Minimum alert USD value" field.

Settings of ClankApp push notifications

We care about the protection of your data. Your data are safe and are never used for any commercial purposes.

Private API available

A private API is available on-demand for the development of your applications.

This private API is free of charge of a small usage.

If you want to know more, contact us on twitter @ClankApp.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and you should not construe any such information as investment or other advice. ClankApp services do not engage in any trading activities. We urge everyone to do their own research and draw their own conclusions.

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* A whale is a transaction worth more than is worth more than a certain value relative to the volume of the asset.
ClankApp services are free and never use your data for buisness purposes.
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